Online Shopping Apps In The Philippines 2024: #1 Best Guide

Fact: The Philippines loves online shopping! If you want the best deals, super-fast delivery, or a huge choice of stuff to buy, then picking the right online shopping apps in the Philippines is important. That’s why I’m here to help. I’ve looked at all the options and made the ultimate 2024 guide for you.

Think of this as your shortcut to online shopping in the Philippines. We’ll look at the good and bad sides of big apps like Shopee and Lazada, find some up-and-coming favorites like TikTok Shop, and talk about the latest trends like livestream shopping and buying eco-friendly products. Whether you’re an online shopping pro or just starting out, get ready to make your shopping easier and save money!

Key Takeaways

  • Shopee and Lazada lead in the Philippines but for different reasons.
  • Shopee attracts with low prices, flash sales, and fun games.
  • Lazada stands out for brand variety, authenticity, and online groceries.
  • TikTok Shop and SHEIN are shaking things up with video selling and fast fashion.
  • Local apps like Carousell and ZALORA target niche markets effectively.
  • Livestream shopping and sustainability are big trends for 2024.
  • Always check out new apps for unique features and deals.

Two Dominant Online Shopping Apps in the Philippines

The Philippines has witnessed an explosion in online shopping, with two giants in e-commerce leading the charge: Shopee and Lazada. These two of the best online shopping apps in the Philippines have carved out distinct niches and cater to different Filipino shopper preferences.

While exciting new players are constantly emerging, Shopee and Lazada are likely to remain at the forefront in 2024, but they’ll need to evolve continuously to maintain their dominance.

A photo of Shopee logo - one of the best online shopping app in the Philippines

Shopee has established itself as the go-to app for budget-conscious Filipinos seeking a fun and engaging shopping experience. Here’s a deeper look at what makes Shopee so popular:

Shopee’s Affordability is its Superpower

Shopee reigns supreme in the affordability arena in the Philippines. Their frequent “Flash Deals” offer limited-time, deeply discounted items across categories, creating a sense of urgency and excitement. Shopee’s flash sales often feature “bundle deals” where buying multiple items together unlocks even lower prices, perfect for stocking up on essentials or grabbing gifts.

Pro Tip: Look for themed flash sales like “Electronics Wednesdays” or “Beauty Tuesdays” to snag deals on specific categories you’re interested in.

Flash Sales Create Excitement

While flash sales are Shopee’s signature feature, there’s more to their affordability strategy. Regular “Shopee Voucher Days” offer platform-wide discount codes, and individual stores can also offer their own in-app vouchers.

Insider Tip: Don’t forget to “Claim Free Shipping Vouchers” before checkout! These vouchers can significantly reduce shipping costs, especially for smaller purchases.

Gamification Takes Center Stage

Shopee doesn’t just sell products, they create an engaging experience. Their in-app games like “Shopee Farm” and “Shopee Quiz” allow users to collect “Shopee Coins.” These coins can then be redeemed for discounts on purchases, making the act of shopping itself feel rewarding.

My Opinion: While the games might seem frivolous at first glance, they cleverly incentivize user engagement, keeping shoppers coming back for more and potentially spending more.

Shopee Live: Shopping as Entertainment

Livestream shopping has exploded in popularity in Asia, and Shopee is at the forefront of this trend. “Shopee Live” allows sellers to showcase their products through interactive livestreams.

Shopee hosts often act as enthusiastic product demonstrators, answer viewer questions in real-time, and even offer exclusive discounts during the stream. This format fosters a sense of community and allows viewers to feel like they’re getting an insider’s deal.

Expert Insight: Livestream shopping is expected to grow even more in 2024. Shopee’s early adoption and emphasis on making it fun and interactive positions them well to capitalize on this trend.

Shopee’s Future: Social and Speedy

Shopee isn’t resting on its laurels. Recognizing the power of social media, they’re likely to prioritize integrating social features even further:

Social Commerce on the Rise

Look for increased emphasis on shoppable group chats, influencer partnerships, and seamless sharing of deals with friends and family. For instance, imagine being able to create a group chat with your “Barkada” (friends) to discuss and collectively purchase sale items, potentially unlocking additional group discounts.

Logistics Power Up

To maintain customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the curve, Shopee will likely continue to invest heavily in their own logistics network. This means faster deliveries, especially in areas previously underserved by traditional couriers. Faster deliveries will be crucial in attracting busy urban shoppers and those in remote locations where waiting times can be a pain point.

A Word of Caution: While faster deliveries are great, it’s equally important for Shopee to ensure responsible delivery practices that prioritize the safety and fair treatment of their delivery personnel.

A photo of Lazada app on a smartphone.

What Makes Lazada a Top Contender?

Lazada sits at the other end of the spectrum, catering to Filipino shoppers who prioritize brand variety, authenticity, and convenience. Here’s what sets Lazada apart from Shopee:

Product Variety is King

Lazada boasts a vast product selection, encompassing everything from the latest tech gadgets and designer clothing to groceries and household items. Whether you’re looking for a specific niche product or just browsing for inspiration, Lazada is likely to have it.

Warning: With such a wide variety, navigating Lazada can feel overwhelming at first. However, using its detailed filters and search functions can help narrow down your options and find what you need quickly.

Brand Trust with LazMall

For shoppers concerned about counterfeits, Lazada offers a haven. Their dedicated “LazMall” section features products directly from authorized brand stores or distributors. Lazada’s “Authenticity Guaranteed” promise offers additional peace of mind, with 100% refunds promised for counterfeit items and for online shopping scams in the Philippines purchased from LazMall.

Buyer Tip: Always make sure an item is labeled “LazMall” to be certain you’re getting the real deal.

The Rise of Online Groceries

Lazada has positioned itself as a major player in the online grocery and daily essentials market. Partnerships with prominent supermarkets and their own dedicated “LazMart” section offer shoppers the convenience of ordering everything from fresh produce to household staples without stepping foot in a store.

Time-Saving Tip: Check for “Quick Delivery” or “Same Day Delivery” options, perfect for last-minute restocks or emergency needs.

Lazada’s Future: Authenticity & Convenience

Lazada can further solidify its position in the market by continuing to refine these key areas:

  • “Authenticity Guarantee” Front & Center: Lazada should amplify its reputation for genuine products. Trust is vital, especially with higher-priced items. Highlighting their authentication processes and return policies throughout the app and in marketing campaigns can reassure hesitant shoppers.
  • Frictionless Everyday Shopping: By continuously improving its grocery delivery and streamlining the “LazMart” experience, Lazada has the potential to become the default app for everyday needs. Competing with Shopee’s flash sales is less of a priority than becoming the reliable, convenient option for essential purchases.
  • Suggestion for Lazada: Introducing subscription services with automatic refills on items like cleaning supplies and pantry staples could boost customer loyalty and solidify their position in this increasingly competitive niche.
A photo of Lazada versus Shopee.

The Bottom Line: Shopee vs. Lazada

The question on every Filipino shopper’s mind: Which online shopping app in the Philippines in 2024 reigns supreme? There’s no simple answer, as the “best” app depends on your shopping needs:

  • Choose Shopee if: You prioritize excitement and affordability, love hunting for bargains in flash sales, enjoy in-app entertainment, and don’t mind the possibility of slightly longer delivery times.
  • Choose Lazada if: You want the broadest product selection, insist on purchasing authentic brands, and are increasingly open to online grocery and everyday essentials shopping.

There’s no reason to pledge allegiance to only one online shopping app! Installing both offer maximum flexibility, allowing you to take advantage of exclusive deals, compare prices, and choose the platform best suited to your specific purchase.

What are the Rising Online Shopping Apps in the Philippines in 2024?

While Shopee and Lazada dominate, a wave of exciting new players is shaking up the scene. These platforms are leveraging innovative features and cater to specific niches, offering Filipino shoppers more choice than ever.

Tiktok Shop - one the rising online shopping apps in the Philippines

TikTok Shop: The Future of Online Shopping?

TikTok, the social media sensation, has rapidly transformed into an online shopping app with TikTok Shop. Here’s why it’s turning heads and wallets:

Video-Centric Selling

Unlike the static images of traditional online stores, TikTok Shop thrives on short, engaging videos that bring products to life. Sellers go beyond product descriptions, offering styling advice, humorous usage demonstrations, or before-and-after transformations. It’s a format perfectly attuned to the attention spans of Gen Z and younger millennials, making shopping feel more like entertainment than a chore.

The Power of Influencers

Creators are the lifeblood of TikTok, and TikTok Shop gives them the power to seamlessly promote products within their content. Imagine your favorite fitness influencer demonstrating the features of new workout gear or a makeup artist showcasing a new palette, all with clickable product links. This direct path from inspiration to purchase is a game-changer, particularly for lifestyle and beauty brands.

Social Integration Advantage

Existing within the TikTok app gives the platform an edge. Users can discover trending products, watch entertaining livestreams, and make purchases without ever leaving their favorite social media app. This frictionless experience is particularly appealing to those who seek instant gratification and impulsive buying.

Livestream Shopping Boom

TikTok Shop isn’t just keeping up with the livestream shopping trend; it’s helping to define it. Real-time demonstrations, audience Q&As, and exclusive livestream-only discounts create a sense of urgency and excitement often missing in traditional online shopping.

Expert Insight: We expect livestream shopping to continue its explosive growth, and TikTok Shop is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this.

Warning: Proceed with Caution When Shopping with TikTok

While incredibly tempting, TikTok Shop has its downsides. The constant stream of enticing product videos can fuel impulse buying, especially those fueled by FOMO (fear of missing out).

Additionally, because items are primarily sold by individual sellers and small brands, issues with quality control, returns, or lack of customer support can occur more often than on established platforms like Shopee or Lazada.

A photo of SHEIN online shopping app on a mobile phone.

SHEIN: Too Good to Be True?

SHEIN’s explosion in popularity has been fueled by ultra-low prices and a constantly refreshing stream of trendy clothing and accessories. But the brand’s success isn’t without controversy:

The Secret to Low Prices

SHEIN keeps prices down through a combination of factors. Their “test and repeat” model uses AI to predict trends, producing small batches of new styles quickly. If something sells out, they restock, but if it flops, losses are minimal. Materials are often cheaper and less durable, and production is often outsourced to countries where labor costs are lower and regulations less strict.

Sustainability Under Scrutiny

SHEIN epitomizes “fast fashion,” which can have significant environmental impacts. From frequent shipping to cheaply made, short-lived clothing, concerns about waste are valid. SHEIN has launched “evoluSHEIN,” a more sustainable line with recycled materials, but critics question how much its overall model can truly shift towards eco-conscious practices.

Inconsistent Quality

While you can certainly score amazing SHEIN finds, be prepared for a mixed bag. Sizing discrepancies are notorious, and sometimes what arrives does not look like the glossy website photos.

Buyer Tip: Become a pro at deciphering reviews! Pay close attention to comments on material quality, sizing notes, and especially any photos uploaded by real customers to manage your expectations. Remember, online shopping is not totally safe in the Philippines so always do your due dilligence. After all, it’s your money and time at stake here.

A photo of Alibaba app installed on an iPhone.

Alibaba: The Wholesale Giant

The Alibaba online shopping app is best described as a massive online marketplace connecting Chinese manufacturers and suppliers with buyers around the world. Here’s why it’s predominantly geared towards businesses:

Bulk Buying is Key

Most sellers on Alibaba have minimum order quantities (MOQs). For example, you could order 100 T-shirts with your custom design instead of a single shirt. This makes sense for businesses needing inventory but not for the average shopper just looking for a few items.

Pros for Filipino Businesses

Alibaba can be a goldmine for entrepreneurs sourcing products to resell, manufacturers needing raw materials, or even small businesses seeking custom packaging at lower costs.

Alibaba can be overwhelming for first-time users. Its sheer size and vast product selection with varying quality levels require careful research. Consider factors like:

  • Supplier ratings and reviews
  • MOQs compared to your needs
  • Total cost including shipping and import duties

Language Barriers

Communication with Chinese suppliers can present challenges if you don’t speak Mandarin. Be prepared to use translation tools or consider a sourcing agent to assist if planning larger purchases.

A photo of the Temu online shopping app on an iPhone.

Temu: Bargains… with Caveats

Temu promises incredibly low prices, but it’s crucial to understand the trade-offs inherent in their business model. Before hitting the “buy” button, consider the following aspects:

How Temu Keeps Prices Shockingly Low

  • Factory-Direct = Less Oversight: By eliminating middlemen, Temu cuts costs but potentially sacrifices quality control. Products come directly from factories, often in China, with less thorough inspection processes.
  • Trend Forecasting with a Twist: Temu likely uses AI technology to predict what will sell but produces smaller initial batches. This keeps their costs down, but if something becomes a viral hit, restocking takes longer, creating those infamous wait times.
  • Corners May Be Cut: To achieve the lowest possible price point, Temu likely prioritizes cheaper materials, less durable construction, and potentially sources from factories with questionable labor practices.

Prepare for the Unexpected

  • The “Real Thing” Might Disappoint: Temu’s product photos are often professionally staged. The item you receive might look drastically different in terms of fit, color accuracy, and overall quality.
  • It’s a Batch Gamble: Even ordering the same item twice could result in variations. Factories rushing to meet demand might change fabric suppliers or cut corners, leading to inconsistent product quality.
  • Sizing is a Wild Card: Don’t expect detailed size charts or size-inclusive model photos. Ordering clothes on Temu, especially without thorough reviews, can feel like a lottery

Patience is Essential

  • Shipping by Sea, Not Air: To save money, Temu likely ships most orders in bulk containers by sea, which is significantly slower than air freight used by some other e-commerce platforms.
  • Customs Can Cause Delays: Lower-value packages sometimes face additional scrutiny at customs, leading to even longer wait times for your Temu order to arrive.
  • Temu Steps In: If you have an issue with a Temu product, you’ll likely deal with their central customer service, not the individual seller. This can streamline the process in theory but may lead to longer wait times and impersonal responses.
  • Language Barriers Can Complicate Things: Customer service communication might not always be in fluent English, potentially making it harder to resolve any issues efficiently.
  • Refunds Aren’t Always Simple: Their policies around returns and refunds can feel confusing, and you might be responsible for return shipping costs even with defective items.

Who Might Consider Temu

  • The Ultra Budget-Conscious: If you’re prioritizing the absolute lowest price and are willing to gamble on quality with low expectations, Temu might have occasional finds.
  • Trying Before Committing: Consider using Temu to ” test drive” trendy items you’re unsure about without investing heavily. If it turns out great, you got a bargain. If it’s a dud, you didn’t lose much.

The Bottom Line on the Rising Online Shopping Apps in 2024

New players in online shopping apps keep the Philippine e-commerce landscape incredibly dynamic. It’s essential to try new apps and take advantage of each one’s best features. However, prioritize informed decision-making. Weigh the pros and cons, do your research, and consider how a platform fits into your overall shopping goals and values.

Don’t Forget the Niche Online Shopping Apps

The major online shopping apps in the Philippines offer convenience and variety, but sometimes, you’re looking for something specific. These niche online shopping platforms have carved out loyal customer bases by specializing and innovating in their respective areas:

Carousell app - online shopping apps in the Philippines 2024

Carousell: Where Pre-Loved Finds a New Home

The secondhand online market is booming in the Philippines, and Carousell is leading the charge. Here’s why it’s resonated with shoppers:

  • Bargains Galore: Carousell is a treasure trove for bargain hunters. Gently used clothing, furniture, electronics, and even collectibles can be found at significantly lower prices than buying brand new.
  • Sustainability Boost: The growth of platforms like Carousell aligns with consumers’ increasing interest in sustainable shopping. Reusing and reselling items extends their lifespan and lessens their environmental impact.
  • Community Feel: Carousell fosters a sense of community. Users can follow their favorite sellers, negotiate in the chat function, and sometimes even make new friends in the process of buying and selling.

Tips for Carousell Success: Learn how to spot fake products online and thoroughly inspect product listings and photos before committing. Communicate with the seller to clarify any questions, and use safe payment options within the app to protect your transactions.

ZALORA app - app to shop online for bags

ZALORA: Fashion Destination with a Focus

ZALORA positions itself as the curated destination for fashion and beauty lovers. Let’s break down what sets it apart:

  • Brand Variety with a Curated Eye: While ZALORA carries both well-known and niche fashion brands, their selection is more focused than the vastness of Shopee or Lazada. This helps if you’re looking for specific trends or aesthetics and don’t want to wade through a sea of irrelevant products.
  • Emphasis on User Experience: ZALORA’s app and website are designed for easy browsing and discovery. Their filtering and sorting options help you quickly narrow down your search based on style, size, brand, and price point.
  • Potential for Personalized Fashion: ZALORA has begun experimenting with features like style quizzes that aim to make personalized recommendations. This area could be further developed, helping shoppers discover items that truly fit their taste, even ones they may not have initially searched for.

Shopper Tip: Utilize their “Virtual Try-On” feature, which uses augmented reality to help you envision how certain makeup or clothing items might look on you before purchasing.

A photo of MetroDeal online shopping web app.

Metro Deal: Your Ticket to Local Experiences

Metro Deal shines a spotlight on the best your city has to offer, often at deeply discounted prices. Here’s how they stand out:

  • Discover Hidden Gems: Metro Deal highlights unique restaurants, spas, fitness classes, staycations, and other experiences. It’s great for breaking out of your usual routine and trying something new.
  • Serious Savings: Discounts on Metro Deal are often substantial, especially when it comes to services and local activities. Think half-priced massages or heavily discounted meals at trendy restaurants.
  • Gifting Central: Metro Deal vouchers make excellent gifts! Gifting an experience rather than a physical item can be a thoughtful and exciting surprise for friends and family.

Food Delivery Giants: The Battle Between Foodpanda and GrabMart

It’s impossible to talk about online shopping apps in the Philippines without mentioning food delivery! These two apps are always striving for dominance:

FoodPanda app - online shopping app for foods in Philippines


Foodpanda distinguishes itself with an extensive selection of restaurants. From major chains to beloved local spots and hidden gems, Foodpanda is a great way to discover new places to have your favorites delivered.

Foodpanda’s partnerships with smaller, independent restaurants make them a good choice for those wanting to support local businesses and explore unique flavors.

Also, Foodpanda is known for its frequent and enticing promotions. Free delivery, restaurant-specific discounts, and other perks can offer significant savings for the savvy shopper.

GrabMart - online shopping apps in the Philippines 2024


GrabMart’s appeal lies in its integration within the Grab Super App. If you already use Grab for transport and other services, adding groceries or restaurant orders is a seamless experience with a single, familiar platform.

The ability to order groceries from nearby supermarkets alongside a restaurant meal adds a level of convenience that can be time-saving, especially for busy individuals or families.

If you use Grab frequently, you might already have your preferred payment methods stored, have accumulated GrabRewards points to use towards GrabMart orders, and are comfortable navigating the app.

The Choice is Yours

Deciding between Foodpanda and GrabMart comes down to your individual needs and priorities:

  • Craving Variety: If discovering new restaurants and having the widest possible selection is most important, Foodpanda usually holds the advantage.
  • Essential Groceries: For regular grocery delivery alongside occasional restaurant orders, GrabMart’s convenience and supermarket partnerships make it a strong choice.
  • Chasing Those Deals: Both platforms offer incentives, so comparing their current promotions in your area is a smart strategy for maximum savings.
  • Grab Super App User?: Existing Grab users might streamline their errands and reward redemption by sticking with GrabMart for food and grocery deliveries.
A photo of a pretty lady live selling.

E-commerce isn’t static – it’s constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. Here’s a look at the key trends poised to have the biggest impact on your Philippine online shopping experience:

Livestream Shopping: Turning Shopping into Interactive Entertainment

Livestream shopping blends the immediacy of QVC-style teleshopping with the interactivity of social media. Here’s why it’s more than just a fad:

Products Come to Life

Instead of static photos or pre-scripted videos, livestreams allow sellers to demonstrate products in real-time, answer questions, and build rapport with their audience. This creates a sense of connection and trust that can be harder to establish with traditional product listings.

FOMO is Real

Livestream shopping often includes limited-time discounts, exclusive product drops, or even fun games with prizes. These features generate a sense of urgency and excitement (“Fear Of Missing Out”) that can incentivize viewers to make impulse purchases.

Top Livestreaming Platforms

While TikTok Shop is a significant player, Shopee and Lazada also have robust livestreaming features. Expect them to continue heavily promoting their live streams and offering incentives or exclusive perks for viewers.

The Future of Livestreaming

Livestream shopping in the Philippines is still in its early stages. As technology evolves, look for more interactive features, like the ability for multiple users to “co-shop” with friends in real-time or for viewers to virtually try on items before purchasing.

A photo of two girls browsing products online using a laptop.

Sustainability and Secondhand: Where Bargains Meet Responsibility

The growing focus on sustainability is impacting online shopping habits globally. In the Philippines, this movement is gaining momentum alongside the enduring love for a bargain:

The Secondhand Boom

Philippines’ online shopping platforms like Carousell demonstrate that more shoppers are embracing pre-loved items. The reasons range from saving money to reducing fashion waste. Traditional e-commerce giants are also recognizing this trend. Watch out for Shopee and Lazada potentially introducing dedicated secondhand sections within their apps to tap into this booming market.

Conscious Consumerism

A growing segment of Filipino shoppers, particularly younger generations, consider a brand’s ethical and sustainable practices when making purchasing decisions. These consumers actively seek out eco-friendly products and businesses committed to ethical production.

Greenwashing Beware

With increased interest in sustainability, brands might use terms like “eco-friendly” or “sustainable” loosely. So, do your research! Look for specific information about a brand’s materials, manufacturing processes, and certifications before believing vague marketing claims.

A photo of a woman using virtual reality shopping.

AR and Virtual Try-On: Bridging the Gap Between Browsing and Buying

Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to revolutionize how we shop online, especially within the fashion and beauty industries. Here’s what you need to know:

“Try Before You Buy” – Virtually

AR-powered try-on tools allow you to see how a lipstick shade might look on you, how sunglasses would frame your face, or even how a sofa would fit in your living room. This technology reduces returns due to items not matching expectations and boosts purchase confidence.

Leader in Innovation

ZALORA is leading the charge in the Philippines with their try-on features, but Shopee and Lazada are also likely to invest heavily in this area. We could see the tech becoming more sophisticated, such as AR tools that analyze your body shape and provide more personalized clothing size recommendations.

Beyond Just Fashion

While currently most utilized by fashion and beauty brands, AR has applications for other categories as well. Imagine virtually placing furniture from an online store in your home to visualize size and style compatibility before ordering.

Hyper-Localization: Think Smaller, Shop Closer

While the giants offer vast selections, a counter-trend is emerging – localized online shopping apps in the Philippines catering to specific areas or communities. Here’s how this could play out:

Supporting Your Barangay

Imagine an online shopping app dedicated to showcasing products and services exclusively from businesses within your city or even your specific neighborhood. This model could promote a sense of community and make supporting local businesses easier than ever.

Niche Interest Domination

Apps for shopping online targeting hyper-specific interests have the potential to become powerhouses. Consider a platform solely dedicated to curated Korean skincare, an app connecting plant enthusiasts with local sellers, or even one focused on sporting goods relevant to the most popular sports within a specific region.

The Challenge and Potential

Hyper-localized apps will likely face challenges in scaling and competing with the giants. However, if executed with a deep understanding of their target audience and a unique selling point, they have the potential to carve out incredibly loyal customer bases.

The Final Word on Online Shopping Apps Philippines

The world of online shopping in the Philippines is a wild ride! There are the big players like Shopee and Lazada with their endless deals and fun, and rising stars like TikTok Shop make buying stuff feel like watching your favorite videos.

And hey, don’t forget those smaller apps for finding used treasures or supporting local businesses. The trick is to try them all out, do a little digging before hitting “buy,” and take advantage of cool new things like livestream shopping.

Whether you’re all about those sweet discounts, love trying out the latest trends, or just want your groceries delivered without the hassle, 2024’s got even more exciting ways to shop online. Understanding the best online shopping apps in the Philippines in 2024 and keeping an eye out for the latest trends will help you score the best products and save money while doing it!

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