Saran Wrap Ball Game Gift Ideas: Fun Holiday Treats

Discover exciting Saran wrap ball game gift ideas for your next holiday gathering. We've compiled creative treats and prizes to make your party unforgettable.

Did you know that the Saran Wrap Ball Game has been shared over 351 times on social media? This surprising statistic highlights the growing popularity of this exciting holiday party game. With an estimated cost of just $30 for materials, it’s no wonder families across the United States are embracing this fun-filled tradition.

We’ve discovered that the Saran Wrap Ball Game can keep players engaged for up to 2 hours, making it the perfect entertainment for holiday gatherings. This plastic wrap ball game has quickly become a favorite at Christmas parties, offering a unique twist on gift-giving and creating lasting memories.

As we delve into the world of Saran wrap ball game gift ideas, we’ll explore the various treats and prizes that can be hidden within the layers of plastic wrap. From gift cards and small toys to candies and prompt cards, the possibilities are endless. We’ll guide you through creating the perfect ball, sharing tips on gameplay variations, and suggesting exciting holiday party games that will keep your guests entertained all season long.

Key Takeaways

  • The Saran Wrap Ball Game is a cost-effective and entertaining holiday party activity
  • It can be customized with various gifts and prizes for different age groups
  • The game duration is flexible, typically lasting up to 2 hours
  • Popular prizes include gift cards, candies, small toys, and cash
  • Different gameplay variations can be introduced to suit various preferences
  • The game has become a cherished tradition at Christmas parties

Introduction to the Saran Wrap Ball Game

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is full of laughs and fun at parties. It’s great for getting everyone together during the holidays. This game puts a new spin on old gift exchanges.

What is the Saran Wrap Ball Game?

It’s a game where you unwrap layers of plastic to find hidden surprises. The ball is made with lots of small things like candy, coins, and toys. Each player tries to unwrap the ball as fast as they can while the person next to them rolls dice.

Saran Wrap Ball Game

Origins and popularity

The game’s origins are unknown, but it’s a big hit at Christmas and family parties. People of all ages love playing it. To help the planet, some play with a toilet paper ball instead.

Perfect for holiday fun

This game is perfect for holiday fun. It creates a happy feeling and brings everyone closer. You can add your own twist by using special prizes or different ways to unwrap the ball. It’s exciting because you never know what you’ll find!

“The Saran Wrap Ball Game brings joy and laughter to our family gatherings. It’s become a cherished holiday tradition!”

Materials Needed for the Saran Wrap Ball Game

Creating a DIY gift wrapping ball for the Saran Wrap game is a fun and frugal way to add excitement. We’ve got everything you need to make your party a hit.

Saran Wrap or Plastic Wrap

The star is the plastic wrap. You’ll need 2-4 rolls for a ball like a soccer or basketball. This makes the game really fun with lots of layers.

Prizes and Treats

Fun surprises are tucked in the layers. Give at least three prizes per person. You can use things like:

  • Gift cards
  • Cash
  • Candies and gum
  • Dollar store items
  • Beauty facial masks
  • Car air fresheners
  • Makeup brushes

You can also add jewelry for a special touch. Check here for more ideas.

Additional Game Supplies

For the game, you’ll also need:

  • A pair of dice
  • Oven mitts or gloves (for added difficulty)
  • Scissors
  • A broom handle (for easier wrapping)

These supplies are all you need. With them, you can make a Saran Wrap Ball game that everyone will love.

Creating the Perfect Saran Wrap Ball

Let’s get into the fun with the Saran Wrap Ball Game! It’s a great choice for kids and family events. We’ll show you how to make a ball full of surprises.

Saran Wrap Ball Game

First, slide a broom handle through the Saran Wrap roll. It makes wrapping much easier. Add different prizes as you wrap, putting something new after a few turns. For big balls, use bigger prizes. Make it a twist by turning the ball as you wrap. This makes it harder to open.

As you switch rolls, tie or layer them for more challenge. Mark the final layer’s edge to start easily. Our favorite Saran Wrap Ball Game uses 4 wrap boxes for tons of fun.

  • Include 25-30 items for a well-stocked ball
  • Aim for a game duration of about 30 minutes
  • Use oven mitts to increase difficulty

Great prizes are $5 Starbucks cards, candies, toys, and more. With bigger crowds, make two balls. We finished a 300 ft roll in 7 minutes with one group. So, adjust for your needs.

“The bigger the ball, the longer the fun!”

Keep it fun by mixing things like selfie sticks, chocolates, and clothes. This makes your Saran Wrap Ball truly amazing.

Saran Wrap Ball Game Gift Ideas

The Saran Wrap Ball Game makes any holiday or family night fun. We’ve got great gift ideas to add thrill and joy to your game.

Gift Cards and Cash

People love gift cards and cash. Mix in $5, $10, and $20 cards from favorite spots. Add some bills and coins for extra surprise. Some say go for $20 to $25 gift cards

Candies and Snacks

Make it sweet with candies. Toss in chocolate, gum, and chips. Include healthier choices like granola bars too.

Small Toys and Gadgets

For everyone, add mini toys. Think fidget spinners, keychains, or mini games. These bring more fun to the game.

Beauty and Personal Care Items

Useful items are great too. Try lip balm or fancy soaps. Hand sanitizers also make neat gifts.

Saran Wrap Ball Game Gift Ideas

Gift Category Examples Price Range
Gift Cards Coffee shops, movie theaters, online retailers $5 – $25
Candies Chocolate bars, gummy bears, mints $1 – $5
Toys/Gadgets Fidget spinners, card games, mini puzzles $2 – $10
Beauty Items Lip balms, hand lotions, bath bombs $3 – $15

Remember to mix the gifts well. This makes unwrapping the ball super fun. With these tips, your ball game will be amazing at any event!

Rules and Gameplay

Welcome to the world of plastic wrap ball games! They’re perfect for family fun nights. These games are quick to set up and provide non-stop fun for everyone.

Setting up the Game

First, you’ll need 1-2 rolls of plastic wrap, prizes, and two dice. Create a big ball by wrapping prizes in layers. For 10 people, use around 40 prizes. Your ball can get pretty big, up to 18 inches!

plastic wrap ball games setup

How to Play

Players form a circle on the floor. The first player starts unwrapping. The person to their left rolls dice. On a double roll, pass the ball. Any prizes you unwrap are yours to keep. Keep playing until the last prize is found.

Variations for Different Age Groups

You can make it easier for young ones by using mittens. Teens and adults might like to unwrap using one hand or behind their back. For a twist, play music and stop it randomly like musical chairs.

Age Group Game Variation Prize Ideas
Kids Use mittens, simpler wrapping Small toys, candy, stickers
Teens Add “Coal Cards” with challenges Gift cards, nail polish, snacks
Adults Stricter unwrapping rules Scratch-off tickets, mini liquor bottles

Tips for Making the Game More Exciting

We’ve got some great ideas to spice up your saran wrap ball game! These creative wrapping games can turn into unique gift wrapping challenges that’ll have everyone talking. Let’s dive into ways to make your game unforgettable.

First, swap out regular plastic wrap for name-brand Saran Wrap. It sticks better, making unwrapping trickier. Want a festive touch? Use colored wrap to create an eye-catching ball. For an extra challenge, try Press n’ Seal wrap – it’s harder to tear!

Spacing prizes strategically adds excitement. Place smaller gifts closer together and bigger ones further apart. This keeps players guessing and adds suspense to each layer.

  • Include prompt cards with trivia questions
  • Add silly commands like “sing a song” or “do a dance”
  • Use gloves or mittens to increase difficulty
  • Set a timer for each turn to amp up pressure

Here’s a breakdown of prize placement to maximize fun:

Layer Prize Type Spacing
Outer Small candies, stickers Every 1-2 wraps
Middle Gift cards, small toys Every 3-4 wraps
Inner Cash, main prize Every 5-6 wraps

Remember, the key to exciting creative wrapping games is variety. Mix up prize types, add unexpected challenges, and keep players on their toes. With these tips, your saran wrap ball game will be the hit of any gathering!

Adapting the Game for Different Occasions

The Saran Wrap Ball Game fits many events. It’s great for lively parties or a quiet night with family.

Christmas and Holiday Parties

Turn this into a must-do at holiday gatherings! Use red and green wrap for prizes like ornaments or candy canes. Add cash or gift cards for extra fun. A viral TikTok video gained 200,000 likes, showing how loved this game is at parties.

Birthday Celebrations

For birthdays, pick gifts that match the age group. Teens might like makeup, kids might enjoy toys. Adults could get gift cards. Include a special item or a birthday note in the ball.

Family Game Nights

Spice up family game nights with this game! Put in prizes like “Skip a chore” coupons or favorite snacks. Ask family history trivia questions too. It takes about 20 minutes and is perfect for fun nights.

To make a good-sized ball, use 2-3 plastic wrap rolls. This game is a hit for both parties and family nights. It’s sure to make everyone laugh and remember the good times.

Benefits of Playing the Saran Wrap Ball Game

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is all about fun and saving money. It’s great for times when families and friends get together. People love playing this wrapped surprise game at parties. It’s a smart way to have a blast without spending a lot.

Enhancing Social Interaction

This game is not just fun; it also gets everyone involved. As players unwrap the ball, the room echoes with laughter. Everyone enjoys the surprises inside together. This makes the game a fun memory-sharing experience.

Creating Memorable Experiences

The Saran Wrap Ball Game makes the holidays more exciting. Players try to unwrap as fast as they can to find surprises. Those moments turn into stories that families and friends talk about later. It’s a part of why this game is so popular.

Budget-Friendly Entertainment

This game is a hit because it’s inexpensive to set up. Let’s look at how much it costs and what you need:

Aspect Details
Setup Cost Approximately $100 (including prizes)
Game Duration 10-30 minutes
Common Prizes Gift cards, candy, cash, small toys
Difficulty Factor Alternate wrap directions for added challenge

This game shows that fun doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity, you can make a big impression. It’s a clever and cost-effective way to keep guests entertained.

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is all about joy and connecting with others. It is suitable for any gathering, big or small. Its simplicity and affordability make it popular among hosts everywhere. It’s a favorite for bringing people of all ages together.


The Saran Wrap Ball Game is a great choice for holiday parties. It’s easy, fun, and can fit any group. You only need plastic wrap, prizes, and you’re good to go for a fun time.

There are many gift ideas for the Saran Wrap Ball game. You can use small toys, candies, gift cards, or useful items. This variety means everyone can join in and have fun. Plus, you can change the game to fit any party or age.

It’s perfect for any event, big or small. This game brings people together, creates good memories, and changes how gifts are given. Think about trying this game at your next party. It’s sure to make everyone laugh and have a great time.


What materials are needed to create a Saran Wrap Ball?

You’ll need Saran Wrap, not cling wrap, as well as prizes and treats. Don’t forget scissors. A broom handle makes it easier to wrap. Game supplies are two mitts, two dice.

What are some good gift ideas to include in the Saran Wrap Ball for adults?

Adults would enjoy finding gift cards, cash, and treats like candy. Add things like card games or bath items. Snacks, sports drinks, and essentials like socks or lip balms work too.

What are some suitable prizes for kids in the Saran Wrap Ball game?

Kids would love cash, candy, and little toys. Include games, bath and body stuff, tattoos, and stickers.

How do you play the Saran Wrap Ball game?

To start, everyone sits in a circle. One player begins unwrapping the ball with mitts. The person next to them rolls dice. If they get doubles, the ball moves to the next person. Whoever finds a prize keeps it. The game finishes when the last prize is found.

How can you make the Saran Wrap Ball game more exciting?

Use quality Saran Wrap. Colored wrap adds fun. Place small prizes near each other and big ones farther. Toughen it up with Press n Seal wrap. Include trivia or command cards for a twist.

Can the Saran Wrap Ball game be adapted for different occasions?

Yes, adjust for different events. Use Christmas themes and colors for the holidays. For birthdays, pick gifts that fit the age and add personal items. Trivia or challenges can make family game nights fun too.

What are the benefits of playing the Saran Wrap Ball game?

Playing the Saran Wrap Ball. It connects people, making them laugh and have fun together. It’s affordable, using cheap prizes from dollar stores. This game suits everyone and can match any group’s style.

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