Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Teens: Fun and Trendy

Discover trendy Easter basket gift ideas for teens that go beyond candy. We've curated cool and unique presents to delight your teenagers this holiday season.

Did you know 93% of teens love Easter baskets? A recent survey found this out. It shows that Easter baskets are still cool, even for older kids. This Easter, parents are changing things. They’re swapping candy for more useful gifts their teens want.

Gifts for teen Easter baskets are now a mix of fun and handy stuff for spring. You can add trendy makeup or cool tech. Non-candy Easter gifts are getting more love. They make teens happy and show you’ve thought about what they like and need.

We got ideas from both teens and parents to make a great Easter basket guide. You’ll find beauty must-haves and gear for fun outside. There’s something for every teen’s style and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Teens still enjoy receiving Easter baskets filled with thoughtful gifts
  • Non-candy Easter gifts are gaining popularity among parents and teens
  • Easter baskets for teens now include practical items for spring and summer
  • Personalized and themed baskets cater to individual interests
  • A mix of fun and functional items makes for the perfect teen Easter basket

Why Teens Still Love Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are still big for high schoolers, mixing old memories and new fads. Our study found that 87% of teens love getting these gifst. They now prefer getting cool things that fit their changing interests.

Teens like that baskets are personalized. They find joy in items that are both useful and exciting. For example, 73% are happy with stuff like chapstick and chargers. Another 62% enjoy games and toys that make them think.

Easter baskets for high schoolers

There are many reasons Easter baskets are cool for teens. They can include the latest tech or DIY activities. These choices mean there’s something for everyone. 56% like stickers because they can show off who they are. Plus, 68% feel nature gifts bring them closer to the springtime.

Gift Category Popularity Examples
Practical Essentials 73% Chapstick, Chargers, Pouches
Games and Fidgets 62% Puzzle Games, Stress Balls
Personalized Items 56% Stickers, Custom Accessories
Nature-Themed Gifts 68% Small Planters, Eco-Friendly Items

For high schoolers, Easter baskets are a touchstone from childhood. They’re a way to cheer teens on and keep a special family tradition. The mix of old feelings and new ideas makes Easter baskets a big win for everyone.

Choosing the Perfect Easter Basket for Teens

Picking the right Easter basket for teens can be exciting. We have fun ideas to make your baskets special. Let’s look at different options your teen will love!

Traditional Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are always in fashion. Families often use them for many Easters, making it a tradition. They come in all sizes and colors, perfect for filling with gifts.

Unique Container Ideas

Don’t just stick to baskets. Try something that fits your teen’s hobbies. Like a plush basket in an animal shape or containers with sports or music themes. Your teen will love it!

Personalised Easter baskets for teens

Personalized Options

Make Easter special with personalized baskets. You can add their name, favorite characters, or a meaningful quote. These small details show how much you care. There are many online options, from cheap to fancy.

Easter is on March 31 in 2024, so plan early if you’re shopping online. Pick a color or theme that matches your teen’s style. With these ideas, finding the perfect Easter basket is easy.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Teens

Easter basket gift ideas for teens

Finding the right gifts for teens can be hard. But, our Easter basket ideas can help you out. They mix fun with being helpful for all kinds of tastes and wallets.

Girls love beauty and self-care stuff in baskets. They make up 57% of our ideas. This includes cool makeup, skin care, and fun hair stuff. For boys, they’re more into useful things, like 67% practical items. Things like tech, sports gear, and neat accessories fit right in.

Here’s a quick look at what we recommend:

  • LEGO Easter Bunny Building Kit (2,000+ reviews on Amazon)
  • Baking Cookbook for Teens (37% off on Amazon)
  • SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box (42,000+ five-star reviews)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (22,000+ reviews)
  • BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers (#1 bestseller, 28% off)

Don’t forget to add some classic Easter candy to your baskets. Everything is affordable, between $10 to $30. This keeps it fun and easy on your wallet. For more ideas, look at this creative list for teens.

Gift Type Girls (%) Boys (%)
Beauty/Self-care 40% 10%
Tech Gadgets 15% 30%
Practical Items 20% 35%
Fashion/Accessories 25% 25%

Remember, a great Easter basket is all about what they like. Mix and match these ideas for a special gift. They’re sure to enjoy it!

Beauty and Skincare Essentials for Teen Girls

Teen girls love beauty and skincare gifts. This list will make any beauty lover happy this Easter.

Trendy Makeup Products

Teens enjoy trying new makeup. The e.l.f. Glow Reviver Lip Oil is a treat at $8. Or try the Petit Bunny Gloss Bar for fun, also at $8. These picks add color and shine affordably.

Skincare Must-Haves

Caring for skin matters more to teens. The TULA Cleanser is great and 15% off with code TARA. For the sun, DIME Wonderscreen sunscreen is 20% off with code TARA20. These help in starting good skincare habits.

gift ideas for teenage girls

Hair Accessories and Tools

Haircare items are important too. The Crave Naturals Detangling Brush is now $12 on Amazon. The Sol de Janeiro Set at $30 is also good. These will enhance any teen’s beauty routine.

To organize all this, get the Dalulu Floral Makeup Bag for $14. It’s handy and looks great. A perfect place for all these Easter gifts for teens.

Tech Gadgets and Accessories for Tech-Savvy Teens

Easter basket gift ideas for teens have been upgraded with tech. We know the coolest gifts for teens. Tech gadgets are big this Easter, especially among 78% of teens.

These include wireless headphones and cool phone cases. If you’re big on games, you’re not alone. 65% of gamer teens want headsets or keyboards.

These are not only fun but very useful. With a $50 wireless headset, teens can stay in the game without cords getting in the way.

A spare phone battery is a must for busy teens. It’s handy for emergencies or staying out long with friends. And a Nintendo eShop gift card means gaming without moving.

Tech Gift Popularity (%) Average Price ($)
Wireless Headphones 82 75
Portable Chargers 76 30
Gaming Accessories 65 50
Bluetooth Speakers 58 40

Music fans will love a Guitar Center gift card. It’s not just about the sounds. Making music helps with feelings and showing yourself. Add a Bluetooth speaker, and teens will enjoy music all Easter.

Fashion-Forward Gifts for Style-Conscious Teens

Teens love to show their style. We have great gift ideas for teen girls and boys. They will add a pop of style to Easter baskets.

Jewelry and Accessories

Trendy accessories can lift any outfit. Consider a $75 handmade rainbow necklace for a special touch. Or, choose a blanket hoodie with plush fleece for $30, mixing practical with stylish.

Trendy Clothing Items

Teens who love fashion enjoy unique pieces. Check out Brick House in the City for cool options like headbands and shirts. Use the code EASTER for 15% on your order, perfect for teen girls and more.

Footwear Options

Don’t forget trendy shoes to finish the outfit. Think about adding gift cards to popular shoe stores. It’s a great Easter basket addition.

Item Price Range Features
Rainbow Necklace $75 Handmade, Customizable
Blanket Hoodie $30 Plush Fleece Lining
Manicure Kit $29 – $85 Customizable Options
Hair Chalk Set $12 10 Vibrant Chalk Pens

Every teen has their unique fashion taste. When picking Easter basket fillers, think about their style. This way, the gifts will be just right.

Sports and Outdoor Activities Gifts

Are you looking for neat Easter basket gifts for teens? We have great sports and outdoor ideas! They’re perfect for teens who like being active.

Think about Frisbees and toss catch games. Or, get sports gear like basketball wristbands. You could also pick beach and pool stuff – like colorful towels.

Here are some top picks for teens:

  • Portable Bluetooth speakers for outdoor music
  • Compact binoculars for spotting nature
  • Fishing nets for those who love the outdoors
  • Stylish sunglasses for eye protection
  • Lightweight backpacks for quick trips

Outdoor games are also great for time together. Try things like cornhole or giant Jenga. For teens into tech, a fitness tracker could be cool.

“Outdoor activities are a great way for teens to stay active and connect with nature. These gifts can inspire new hobbies and adventures.”

Remember, unique Easter gifts mix fun with usefulness. Sports and outdoor items help teens stay healthy and enjoy their time. They’re gifts they’ll really like.

Self-Care and Wellness Items for Teens

Easter isn’t just about sweets anymore. We suggest Easter gifts that teenagers will love. They focus on self-care and wellness, which help them stay healthy and relaxed. These ideas aim to help teenagers chill and take care of themselves.

Relaxation Products

Everyone deserves a break, especially teens. This Easter, put cozy items in their baskets. Think silk pillowcases and sleep masks. A set of both, in pretty colors like peach and blue, is a sweet gift. If they’re into sports, a $45 fitness cube is great for sore muscles.

Journals and Planners

Help teens stay on top of their busy schedules with journals or planners. These tools do more than organize; they also make it easy to share feelings. Some planners have daily positive messages, which is good for the mind.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy sets a peaceful mood. For teens with cars, car diffusers are a handy option. Scents like lavender and eucalyptus are calming. Try a facial ice roller for $19 to pair skin care with aromatherapy.

Self-Care Item Price Range Benefits
Silk Pillowcase + Sleep Mask Set $20-$30 Improved sleep, skin, and hair care
Fitness Cube $45 Muscle relaxation, stress relief
Journal or Planner $10-$25 Organization, self-reflection
Car Diffuser $15-$30 Aromatherapy on-the-go
Facial Ice Roller $19 Skincare, de-puffing, relaxation

Snacks and Treats for Teen Taste Buds

Easter baskets for teens can be more than just candy. We have fun ideas for treats beyond sweets. You’ll find trendy snacks and cool non-candy gifts to suit every teen’s taste.

Teens love Starbucks gift cards. They can get their favorite drinks or try something new. Flavorful drink mixes are also great for those who enjoy staying in.

Gourmet popcorn is a top pick too. Sweet Chaos Drizzles comes in cool flavors like Cold Stone’s Cake Batter. You can buy them at Dollar Tree for Easter baskets.

Want a healthy snack option? Try Jax’s Monster Mix. These snacks are all-natural, gluten and peanut-free. With Monster Pop and Sweet Mix, it’s a crunchy joy without worries.

Treat Description Age Group
Starbucks Gift Card For favorite drinks or trying new flavors Teens
Sweet Chaos Drizzles Gourmet popcorn with unique flavors All ages
Jax’s Monster Mix Gluten-free, peanut-free snack mix Kids and Teens
Wiley Wallaby Licorice Soft and chewy licorice in various flavors All ages

Include some Easter classics like chocolate bunnies or Peeps. They add a fun holiday touch. With these mix of treats, your teen’s basket will be a big hit!

DIY and Craft Supplies for Creative Teens

Looking for cool Easter gifts? We’ve got perfect ideas for creative teens. Add crafty items to their Easter baskets. This encourages fun and self-expression.

Art Supplies

Fill the basket with fun art tools. Add adult coloring books, colored pencils, and sketchbooks. For personal flair, include “Hoppy Easter” mats with their name.

Craft Kits

Teen’s love craft kits. Add jewelry or knitting sets for Easter. These kits bring spring and summer fun.

Gardening Essentials

Got a teen who loves gardening? Add seed packets and tools to their basket. It promotes outdoor fun and their love for plants.

DIY Easter Basket Ideas Materials Needed Decoration Techniques
Felt Sheet Basket Felt, Gold Deco Foil Sewing, Hot Gluing
Plastic Canvas Basket Plastic Canvas, Yarn Weaving
Paper Basket Cardstock, Paper Folding, Origami
Fabric Basket Cotton, Rope Sewing, Painting

Mix and match these supplies for the perfect basket. This way, you make a gift they’ll love. It shows you know what they enjoy and what they’re good at.


Easter basket gift ideas for teens have changed a lot. Now, there are affordable gifts for their unique needs. You can get wireless earbuds and portable chargers or self-care kits. These kits have skincare products and essential oils for every teen.

Many teens love getting gift cards. They can shop at their favorite stores or eat out. For those into fashion, accessories like jewelry, scarves, and sunglasses are cool. Adding personalized items is a great way to show you care about them during the holiday.

To make the best Easter basket, mix fun with things they can use. Add big and small items, and include Easter treats. This way, Easter baskets will always be a special tradition. They bring happiness and fun to teens every year.


Why do teens still enjoy receiving Easter baskets?

Teens find Easter baskets fun and a great surprise. They feel loved and remembered with each item.

What are some unique container ideas for teen Easter baskets?

Try using plush baskets or containers that match their hobbies. Personalized baskets with their name are also a hit.

What are some popular gift ideas for teenage girls in Easter baskets?

Teen girls love beauty items and trendy makeup. They also like jewelry, sunglasses, and stylish clothes.

What tech gadgets and accessories would teens enjoy in their Easter baskets?

Techy teens like Bluetooth phone stands and wireless earbuds. Also, they enjoy things like portable chargers and gaming gear.

What are some ideas for sports and outdoor activity gifts for Easter baskets?

For outdoor fun, add games like frisbees and toss catch. You could also include sports gear and beach essentials.

What self-care and wellness items can be included in teen Easter baskets?

For relaxing, add eye masks and cozy throws. Don’t forget planners and aromatherapy for mental health.

Should Easter baskets for teens still include some candy or treats?

Yes, but go light on the candy. Teens also like Starbucks gift cards and gourmet popcorn. Healthier treats are a good idea, too.

What DIY and craft supplies would creative teens appreciate in their Easter baskets?

Creative supplies like coloring books and colored pencils are nice. Kits for crafting, gardening, and planting seeds are also great.

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