Unisex Gift Exchange Ideas: Perfect Presents for All

Discover perfect unisex gift exchange ideas for any occasion. Our curated list offers creative, gender-neutral presents that everyone will love. Find the ideal gift today!

Did you know that 78% of people find choosing gender-neutral gifts hard? But, unisex Christmas gifts are getting more popular for parties at work, with family, and during holidays. We’re here to guide through the world of secret Santa presents that everyone will love.

At gift exchanges, there’s usually a budget. The average people spend is about $50. With this budget, you can find thoughtful, gender-neutral gifts that are not expensive. You can choose from many things like practical items to unique experiences. There’s something out there for every taste and need.

Tech gadget gifts, like portable chargers and streaming sticks, are great choices. Cozy items like Yeti cups and weighted blankets work well too. For those who love food, go for gourmet gift baskets or cooking classes. These are all-around good presents. They make sure everyone in the gift exchange gets something they really like.

Key Takeaways

  • The average gift exchange budget is around $50
  • Tech gadgets and food-related items are popular gender-neutral gifts
  • Unique experiences can make great unisex Christmas gifts
  • Theme-based gift baskets offer versatility for various tastes
  • When choosing secret Santa gifts, think about the person’s likes and dislikes

Introduction to Unisex Gift Exchanges

Unisex gift exchanges are more common at U.S. workplaces. They include everyone and make gifting fun. They’re great for both coworker swaps and holiday parties. With these gifts, everyone feels part of the fun.

These exchanges may be white elephant, secret Santa, or another kind. Each brings its own special fun to the party.

Unisex gift exchange

It’s important to set a budget to keep things fair. Typically, the spending limit is around $50. This way, everyone can join in and give something nice.

Exchange Type Description Popularity
White Elephant Participants draw numbers to select gifts High
Secret Santa Anonymous gift-giving to a specific person Very High
Office Party Swap Everyone brings a gift and exchanges at the party Medium

Themed exchanges bring extra fun. You could do a cookie swap or share handmade ornaments. Pet-themed swaps are also cute. These ideas make gifts special and unforgettable.

“Gift exchanges bring teams together, fostering a sense of community and shared joy.”

Always aim for an environment that welcomes everyone. This means focusing on gifts that both men and women can enjoy.

Foodie-Inspired Unisex Gifts

Foodie presents are great for everyone. They make perfect gifts for work friends. Plus, they’re tasty and fun.

Gourmet Food Subscriptions

Subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving. They’re under $50, fitting most budgets. You could get cool cheeses or rare snacks every month.

Cooking Class Experiences

Cooking classes are awesome for learners. You can join classes online or in-person. It’s a cool way to meet folks and learn new cooking skills.

Unisex gift exchange ideas cooking class

High-Quality Olive Oil Sets

A premium oil set boosts any meal’s taste. These sets are perfect for food lovers. Flavored oils can make any dish a special treat.

Gift Idea Price Range Popularity
Gourmet Subscription $20 – $50 High
Cooking Class $30 – $100 Medium
Olive Oil Set $25 – $75 High

Looking for more neat gift ideas? Check these white elephant gifts out. Remember, the best unisex gifts suit many tastes and hobbies.

Tech Gadgets for Everyone

Unisex corporate gifts tech gadgets

Want gifts for anyone that mix cool looks with great uses? Tech gadgets fit the bill as unisex corporate gifts. They cover lots of hobbies. We bring you top-notch picks certain to wow your giftees.

Music fans will cheer for the Balmuda The Speaker at $319 on Amazon. It brings top-notch tunes in a sleek look. The Oura Ring Generation 3 is perfect for fitness buffs at $299. This small tracker is waterproof up to 100 meters.

Searching for something handy? The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps drinks just right. It’s 21% off at $103 on Amazon now. The Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmer suits outdoor types, offering warmth from 95 to 131 degrees.

  • Moleskine Smart Notebook Set ($273): Makes handwritten notes digital
  • Ray-Ban x Meta Wayfarer Smart Glasses ($329): Cool tech for daily use
  • Garmin Dash Cam Mini ($110): Tiny car security
  • Samsung The Freestyle Smart Portable Projector ($575): Fun anywhere you go

For more affordable yet cool gifts, check out the Knog Quokka 80 Headlamp or the Pillow Pad Cushioned Tablet Stand. These items are priced under $50 and are quite handy. The top tech gifts offer new ideas mixed with useful features. That’s what makes them great for any lucky receiver.

Creative and Artistic Gift Ideas

Looking for ideas that kickstart creativity for everyone? We have a great list of gifts. They’re perfect for getting in touch with your crafty side.

Pottery Classes

People love pottery classes as unique gifts. In places like Boston, Portland, and San Francisco, you can learn to shape clay. It’s a hands-on, fun way to get creative and produce something real.

Paint and Sip Experiences

Paint and sip classes make a great choice for art and relaxation. They mix painting with tasting wine, creating a lively, social scene. You can find these events in many places, making them perfect for a unisex gift exchange.

Creative and artistic gift ideas

Craft Kit Subscriptions

Subscriptions to craft kits, like those from Annie’s Kit Club, send DIY projects to your home each month. They are perfect for crafters of any age. These kits suit various interests and offer a gender-neutral, creative gift option.

Creative Gift Idea Average Cost Popularity
Pottery Classes $50 – $100 per class High in urban areas
Paint and Sip Experience $35 – $60 per session Very popular nationwide
Annie’s Kit Club Subscription $19.99 – $49.99 per month Growing trend among crafters
Polaroid Instant Camera $99 – $150 Classic choice for photography enthusiasts

For those into photography, a Polaroid instant camera is a timeless choice. It helps capture memories in a fun, nostalgic way. No matter the interest or budget, you can find a creative gift that’s just right for a unisex gift exchange.

Unisex Gift Exchange Ideas for the Office

Office gift exchanges boost team spirit and holiday cheer. We have great unisex gift ideas for your coworker gift exchange. These gifts are perfect for everyone, no matter their gender or taste.

Techies might love portable chargers or Bluetooth speakers. These are useful and fun office favors. For something a bit more personal, try custom socks or winter items like hats and scarves.

Those who love food will enjoy gourmet popcorn or hot chocolate kits. They are great for sharing at work or parties. If your coworkers are the organized type, desk organizers or planners can start the year off right.

Gift Category Ideas Price Range
Tech Portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers, Key finders $20-$50
Clothing Printed socks, Winter hats, Scarves $10-$30
Food & Drink Gourmet popcorn, Hot chocolate sets, Tea variety packs $15-$40
Office Supplies Desktop organizers, Personal planners, Multi-tool pens $10-$35

Find items that are fun and practical for your office gift exchange. With these suggestions, your holiday party will be memorable for all. Enjoy making your coworkers happy this season!

Wellness and Self-Care Presents

Looking for unisex birthday presents that promote relaxation and self-care? We’ve got you covered with these gender-neutral gifts. These cater to everyone’s wellness needs.

CBD Gummies for Stress Relief

CBD gummies are becoming more popular for managing stress and improving sleep. ASYSTEM Sleep Gummies have melatonin and chamomile extract. They help with those nights you can’t sleep well. These gummies cost $14.99, making them a great gift for sleep seekers.

Weighted Blankets for Comfort

Weighted blankets can calm anxiety and help with relaxation. The Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket, at $135, fits various styles. It’s a nice gender-neutral gift for anyone who needs a hug.

Mindfulness Kits for Inner Peace

Mindfulness kits include tools for meditation and calm. The Five Minute Journal costs $34, for growing gratitude and self-reflection. Add the Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask ($27) for a great mindfulness gift.

The Muse S Headband, now at $300, is for tech fans. It offers guided meditation and brain activity feedback. This device can support a regular mindfulness habit.

For birthdays or any event, these gifts are for everyone. From CBD gummies to mindfulness kits, your loved ones can find calm with these gifts.

Unique and Quirky Gift Options

Looking for gifts that stand out in a gift exchange? We’ve got some quirky options that won’t be forgotten. These ideas will bring fun and laughter to your gift swap event.

Have you seen the world’s tiniest pen? The Forever Pen is small and clips to your keychain. It’s a clever choice for anyone always looking for a pen. This unique pen is sure to be a well-loved gift.

If you know someone who loves mysteries, check out murder mystery games. These games make parties or family events exciting. They keep the fun going even after the gift exchange.

Looking for something different? How about temporary tattoos that last two weeks? Modern temporary tattoos look real and have many designs. They’re perfect for a fun, no-commitment body art experience.

Here’s a quick list of quirky gifts with prices:

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera: $79 at Amazon
  • Host Freeze Beer Glasses: $40 at Amazon
  • Maps International Scratch-Off World Map: $28 at Amazon
  • Fredericks & Mae Paper Games: $15 at Amazon (26% off)

These gifts will make any unisex gift exchange memorable. They will stand out and bring joy to everyone involved.

Practical Gifts for Everyday Use

Looking for the right corporate or employee gift? It’s not easy. We made a list of useful items perfect for showing you care. They’re great for everyone at work.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Is your office chilly? These hand warmers are the answer, lasting up to 12 hours. They keep hands warm for anyone, indoors or out.

Desktop Vacuum Cleaners

Desk looking messy? These small vacuums clean up crumbs, dust, and paper. They help keep work areas neat and welcoming.

Multi-Tool Pens

Need a pen that does more? These pens also open packages and do other tasks. They’re great all-in-one tools for your team.

Gift Price Range Battery Life Key Feature
Rechargeable Hand Warmers $20-$40 Up to 12 hours Dual-sided heating
Desktop Vacuum Cleaners $15-$30 30-60 minutes Compact design
Multi-Tool Pens $10-$25 N/A 6-in-1 functionality

These gifts are both useful and caring. They meet the daily needs of your team. Choosing useful items shows you think about their everyday life, making them great for all.

Entertainment-Based Gift Ideas

Searching for gifts that fit everyone and bring fun? Look no further! These entertainment gift ideas are great for unisex Christmas gifts. Our findings point to 35 choices that can jazz up your festive season.

Karaoke microphones are perfect for singing at any time. Pair with your phone and the fun begins! Game fans will love Throw Throw Burrito, mixing card games with dodgeball for lots of laughs.

Subscriptions to streaming services are awesome gifts, offering entertainment all year. Another great option is movie theater gift cards, letting friends enjoy films on the big screen.

For something different, host a Musical Gifts exchange. Pass presents while music plays. When it stops, the gift in your hand is yours. It adds a unique thrill to any gift-giving event!

“Entertainment gifts bring people together, creating shared experiences and lasting memories.”

Themed gift swaps can make choosing easier. Cookie swaps and pet gift exchanges are always a hit. For grown-ups, trying holiday spirits is a fun choice.

The top unisex gifts focus on fun and togetherness. Be it karaoke or board games, these ideas promise laughter. Explore more gift exchange ideas for a memorable holiday season.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gifts

Do you want gift ideas that are gentle on the earth and work for everyone? We have great options for eco-friendly and sustainable gifts. They’re perfect for people who care about our planet and want to lower their impact on it.

These gifts suit all kinds of budgets. You can get started with eco gift sets for just $4. Or, if you’re looking for something fancy, consider clean cookware that goes for up to $1,830. Here are some top choices:

  • Upcycled Blankets ($92)
  • Recycled Copper Kitchen Compost Canisters ($136)
  • Minimal Ikebana Raw Stoneware Vase ($38)
  • Glass Votive Candle Bundle ($40)
  • Gold Recycled Hoop in White Topaz ($68)

For a mix of practical and eco-friendly, look at options like the Earths Tribe Net String Bag. It’s made from 100% organic cotton. A travel cutlery set with stainless-steel utensils is another good pick. They help the planet and are useful every day.

Those who love beauty will be happy with eco-friendly beauty products. Try the Noosa Basics Lip Balm. It’s made with organic shea butter and coconut oil. The Myrtle & Moss Hand Cream, in eco tubes, is also a win for gift swaps.

Gift Category Price Range Popular Item
Do-Good Gadgets $35–$650 Recycled Copper Compost Canister
Eco-zy Blankets $89–$189 Upcycled Blanket
Clean Beauty Products $15–$266 Noosa Basics Lip Balm
Sustainable Gift Sets $4–$150 Glass Votive Candle Bundle

Choosing eco-friendly gifts does a lot of good. You’re giving a thoughtful gift while helping our planet. These ideas show that being green is not just trendy but also very practical.


We’ve looked at a wide array of gifts that suit everyone. These include DIY kits and tech gadgets. They range from $16.99 to $44.00, with most under $30. These unique gifts touch on things like sustainability, personal touch, and daily use.

We chose these gifts carefully. Studies say colors like blue and green are liked by all. We know that textures matter in how we see gifts. Things we can touch often make us feel happy and thankful.

Our gifts are all about creating special moments. From a DIY Hot Chocolate Kit to a Magnetic Desktop Sculpture. Each one is meant to bring happiness and add a personal touch to your gift giving. They’re wrapped nicely and appeal to different senses. This makes them better than just any other gift swap.


What are some good unisex gift exchange ideas for the office?

Good unisex gift ideas for the office are desktop organizers and multi-tool pens. Also, there are portable coffee makers and laptop cleaning brushes. Fun desktop games and gift cards for favorite places are great too.

What are some unique and quirky gift options for a unisex exchange?

Unique gifts for a fun exchange include the world’s tiniest pen and murder mystery games. Temporary tattoos that last up to two weeks are also cool. They spark talks and bring joy in a different way.

What are some practical unisex gifts for everyday use?

For daily use, consider rechargeable hand warmers. Desktop vacuum cleaners and multi-tool pens make work easier. They show you care about making someone’s day better.

What are some eco-friendly and sustainable unisex gift ideas?

Eco-friendly gifts are things like stainless steel bottles and beeswax food wraps. There’s also bamboo utensil sets. You can gift plant-growing kits or eco-friendly product subscriptions for something lasting.

What are some foodie-inspired unisex gift ideas?

Foodie gifts for everyone include gourmet food subscriptions and cooking classes. Add high-quality olive oil or a bartending kit. Don’t forget about popcorn-making sets and gourmet cookies.

What are some creative and artistic unisex gift ideas?

Creative gifts are pottery classes, paint and sip events, and craft kit subscriptions. You can also go for instant cameras for photography lovers. They bring craftiness and fun together.

What are some wellness and self-care unisex gift ideas?

Wellness gifts include CBD gummies and weighted blankets. Also, there are mindfulness kits and ice rollers for self-soothing. These gifts help in finding calm and relaxation.

What are some entertainment-based unisex gift ideas?

For fun, get karaoke microphones and cool board games. There are also streaming service subscriptions or movie theater gift cards. They offer entertainment for all.

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