Funny Gift Ideas for Dad Who Loves Jokes: Witty Picks

Looking for funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes? Explore our witty picks that are sure to bring laughter and create lasting memories.

There’s nothing like a dad’s humor. His quick wit and jokes make me laugh loud. I want to gift him something funny this Father’s Day.

I found funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes online. I picked novelty items and gag gifts he’ll love. These include humorous mugs and witty t-shirts. They’re great for showing him I love his jokes.

Key Takeaways

  • A collection of 74 funny gifts for dads with a sense of humor.
  • Options for personalized gifts like the “Best Dad Ever Gift Set”.
  • Unique items like the “Personalized Pizza Slicer” and “Dad Jokes Are Rad Water Bottle”.
  • Quality offerings like the “Funny Dad Card” printed on premium card stock.
  • Humorous apparel like the “D.I.L.F. (Devoted, Involved, Loving Father) T-Shirt”.

Introducing Hilarious Gifts for the Jokester Dad

Looking for funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes? Your search ends here! I’ve found the best laugh-inducing gadgets, gag gifts, and novelty items. These will surely make your dad who loves jokes laugh hard.

I’ve handpicked funny clothes and smart cups for him. They are not only silly but also show you care. No matter if he loves golf or beer, you’ll find the perfect gift for his humorous side.

Get set for a heap of joke books and whimsical items. They will get everyone in the family laughing. Choose a gift that matches his fun spirit.

With a staggering 74 funny gifts listed, ranging from personalized puzzles to quirky gadgets, you’re bound to find the perfect present to tickle his funny bone.

  • The Best Dad Decanter comes in 4 sleek designs, allowing you to customize the perfect vessel for his favorite libations.
  • The Personalized Pizza Slicer is a 12″ Wood Pizza Cutter that adds a touch of humor to his pizza nights.
  • Personalized Wine Label Gift for Dad contains sticker labels sized at 4.75×3.75 inches, perfect for adding a witty touch to his favorite bottle of wine.
  • The Dad Jokes Are Rad Water Bottle is a 32oz stainless steel bottle that will keep him hydrated and chuckling all day long.
Dad’s Nutritional Beer GlassA 16 oz. glass with a funny table of “nutritional” information, perfect for raising a toast to fatherhood.
Funny Dad CardPrinted on a 350gsm Silk card, this card is sure to make him smile.
D.I.L.F. T-ShirtMade of comfortable fabric and comes with a playful design that celebrates his role as a devoted, involved, loving father.
Buff Dad Bod Pint GlassA pint glass that celebrates the strong and proud dad bod with every sip.

So, what are you waiting for? Look into this collection of funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes. Watch him light up with joy and laughter!

Funny Gift Ideas for Dad Who Loves Jokes

Looking for a great gift for your jokester dad? These funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes are perfect. They will make him smile and keep him laughing.

Personalized Photo Puzzle

Make a special memory with a personalized photo puzzle. Use a favorite family photo for this 100-piece, 8.25″ x 11.5″ puzzle gift. An Uv print is used on the pieces which are made of strong cardboard. You can also engrave the sender’s name on the gift box, which is made from natural wood.

Dadvil Bottle – The Perfect Reliever for Bad Dad Jokes

Is your dad always telling jokes? Give him the Dadvil bottle for some fun. It’s a funny take on painkillers as a novelty item. This gag gift is great for his not-so-great dad jokes.

D.I.L.F. (Devoted, Involved, Loving Father) T-Shirt

Give a D.I.L.F. T-Shirt to celebrate fatherhood with humor. This witty t-shirt shows his devotion in a fun way. It’s a great addition to his wardrobe, adding humor.

Gift CategoryNumber of Items
Funny Father’s Day Gifts17
Funny Dad Shirts7
Funny Father’s Day Mugs4
Father’s Day Gag Gifts6
Funny Father’s Day Cards6

There are over 30 funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes. They include personalized gifts, novelty items, and witty t-shirts. Find the perfect gift that shows his love for humor.

Witty Drinkware for the Punny Pop

If your dad loves puns and jokes, he needs special cups. Get him glasses and mugs that show off his funny side. These will surely make him laugh every time he uses them.

Dad’s Nutritional Beer Glass

For the beer lover who’s a dad, get the Dad’s Nutritional Beer Glass. It’s a big 16 oz. glass with a unique “nutrition” table. It’s a funny and thoughtful gift that highlights the fun of being a dad. It’s perfect for his favorite beer or craft brew, bringing joy with every drink.

Buff Dad Bod Pint Glass

Drink to the mighty dad bod with the Buff Dad Bod Pint Glass. This glass adds humor to his drink, celebrating the dad bod. It’s great for Father’s Day or birthdays, making each sip hilarious. Your dad will smile every time he uses it.

humorous novelty drinkware

D.I.L.F. Coffee Mug

The D.I.L.F Coffee Mug brings morning humor. It stands for “Devoted Involved Loving Father.” This ceramic mug is perfect for his early cup of coffee. You can pick the color and size, making it a fun and personal gift for your joke-loving dad.

Laugh-Inducing Novelties and Gag Gifts

Looking for funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes? Check our funny novelty items and gag gifts. We have quirky gadgets and unexpected treats. They’re perfect for making dad laugh every day.

Fart Extinguisher Candle

The Fart Extinguisher Candle is from the Antisocial Candle Collection™. It’s a funny gift idea for dad who loves jokes. Available in scents like vanilla, cotton, and jasmine. It’s a fun way to freshen up any room.

funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes

Banana Bluetooth Phone

The Bluetooth Banana Phone makes work calls fun. It’s a novelty phone that’s also funny. It ensures his talks are always interesting. Ideal for the dad who loves jokes.

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks make after-meal joys. They blend single malt scotch with a smoky taste. It’s a unique and indulgent funny gift idea for dad who loves jokes.

Funny Apparel to Showcase His Humor

Do you need funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes? I’ve got you covered. I have picked out funny apparel that will make your dad laugh every time he wears it.

Dad Jokes Served Daily T-Shirt

The “Dad Jokes Served Daily” t-shirt is a classic choice. It shows off your dad’s love for cheesy one-liners and puns. This comfy shirt is perfect for any day, making sure everyone knows he’s the king of dad jokes.

funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes, witty t-shirts, humorous apparel

“Hi Hungry, I’m Dad” Apron

Is your dad a chef with a sense of humor? The “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad” apron is made for him. It’s not just fun, but also practical for use in the kitchen. This apron turns cooking into a joke fest, fitting for the family comedian chef.

Duct Tape Technician Baseball Cap

If your dad is a DIY enthusiast, he needs the Duct Tape Technician cap. It’s a funny way to show off his handy skills. This cap will make him smile while he works on projects around the house.

This collection is a great way to bring joy to your dad. These funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes will surely be a hit, whether he’s a joke expert or just loves to laugh.

Hilarious Reads and Games for Quality Time

Looking for ways to laugh with your dad? Try these funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes. You’ll enjoy comedy reads and comedy games, sharing lots of laughs together.

Cards Against Humanity

Get ready for some grown-up fun with Cards Against Humanity. It’s an adult humor game that’s full of crazy phrases. You’ll have a blast playing this game at family gatherings.

‘The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes’

Make sure dad always has new jokes with this funny book. ‘The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes’ is full of puns and $14. It’s a must-have for creating lots of eye-rolls and laughs.

Poetry for Neanderthals Game

Bring out dad’s smart humor with this fun word game. Poetry for Neanderthals is about wordplay and laughter. For only $20, it’s a great way to share a laugh with dad.

funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes comedy games

You can pick from fun games like Cards Against Humanity or clever books like the dad joke book. These funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes are perfect for making great memories.

Personalized and Custom Funny Gifts

Are you looking for a funny gift idea for dad? One that is special? Personalized and custom gifts are perfect. They show you care in a unique way.

Custom Golf Balls

Dads who love golf will adore custom golf balls. You can put your family’s names or a funny message on them. This adds a special touch to his golf game. It makes him smile every time he plays.

Personalized Wine Label Gift for Dad

Turn dad’s wine into something special with personalized gifts. You can customize these novelty wine labels to fit any bottle. They can be funny or have an inside joke. They will surely make him laugh.

Custom Dad Bobblehead

Imagine dad’s face when he sees a bobblehead that looks just like him. You send in a photo for a totally personalized gift. These custom bobbleheads show his fun side. They’re great for his desk or shelf.

Unique and Quirky Comedic Presents

Do you need funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes? I have you sorted with novelty gadgets and novelty home decor. These will make him laugh whether he’s at work or at home. They bring office humor and sports humor to his space.

Corporate Nonsense Generator

The Corporate Nonsense Generator is a fun jab at business talk. It’s a quirky gadget that spits out silly phrases you might hear at work. It’s perfect for a laugh and a break from the office routine.

Basketball Wastebasket

The Basketball Wastebasket is great for Dad feeling restless. It’s novelty home decor that brings sports humor to his everyday. He can toss paper in it like he’s making a basketball shot.

Laundry Punching Bag

The Laundry Punching Bag is a funny way to deal with too much washing. It’s a cool novelty home item that lets Dad hit the bag instead of getting mad. It’ll bring smiles to everyone at home.

Gift IdeaCategoryHumor Type
Corporate Nonsense GeneratorNovelty GadgetOffice Humor
Basketball WastebasketNovelty Home DecorSports Humor
Laundry Punching BagNovelty Home ItemStress Relief

Beer and Grilling Goodies with a Funny Twist

Your dad loves beer and grilling, right? Then he’ll enjoy funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes. I’ve found the best novelty accessories and grilling apparel for him. It will make his hobby even more fun!

Beer Holster Belt

The Beer Holster Belt keeps Dad’s beer gifts handy. It fits up to six 12-ounce cans. Now his drinks are close, whether he’s cooking out or chilling.

Axe Pizza Cutter

Make pizza nights cooler with the Axe Pizza Cutter. It looks like a real axe but is for pizza! Dad can cut pizza in a funny way with this tool.

Superman Apron

The Superman Apron is great for grilling fun. It’s a novelty apron that makes Dad feel like a hero in the kitchen. Plus, it keeps his clothes clean from food mess.

ProductDescriptionKey Feature
Beer Holster BeltUnique belt that holds up to 6 beer cansKeeps brews within reach
Axe Pizza CutterTough-looking utensil for slicing pizzaAdds humor to pizza nights
Superman ApronHumorous apron with a superhero designProtects clothes while grilling

These funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes will make him chuckle. They also make his cooking and grilling time more enjoyable with a witty touch.

Couch Potato Goodies for the Laid-Back Laugher

Kicking back on the couch is perfect after a long day. Find some funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes. He might enjoy humorous drinkware, novelty tumblers, or novelty bathroom accessories. We have the best gag gifts to make him laugh.

Dad Tumbler

The Dad Tumbler is a great gift. It has cute kid designs or funny sayings. This tumbler is great for drinks on the couch. It shows your love and makes him smile.

Toilet Night Light

The Toilet Night Light is very helpful. It gives light for Dad’s bathroom trips at night. That way, he can aim right and Mom doesn’t need to clean up. It’s a funny and useful gag gift.

Dad’s Spot Pillow

Every dad has his spot in the living room. The Dad’s Spot Pillow is a special gift. It’s a funny gift idea for dad who loves jokes. This novelty home decor comes with a remote holder.

These couch accessories will keep Dad happy and laughing in his favorite seat.


It’s easy to make your special dad happy and laugh. This list has funny gift ideas for dad who loves jokes. You can choose from things like the Alien Costume or Toilet Seat Glow Cover. There are also Funny T-Shirts and the Poop Emoji Mug. These are perfect for a funny dad. You will find the right gift for any dad, no matter if it’s from a daughter, son, or both.

If your dad likes to have fun or does not miss his sunglasses, consider the Beer Belly Fanny Pack or Shield Sunglasses. There are also funny gifts such as Banana Socks, Bring Me Wine Socks, and Mr. Mustache Razor. These keep him warm, celebrate his love for wine, and help him look neat. There are also fun games like ‘Guess My Name’ Food Challenge. These ‘Make Me Tea’ custom socks are great for spending time together.

If your dad is clean, loves wine, jokes, or is just cool, this list has the perfect gifts. Don’t wait to show him your appreciation. Choose a gift that shows his fun side. Make his special day memorable with smiles and joy.


What are some personalized and custom funny gift ideas for dad?

You can get him Custom Golf Balls with family names or a funny message. Also, think about Personalized Wine Labels with a joke. Lastly, there’s the Custom Dad Bobblehead, a fun option. It looks like him and shows what he loves.

What are some funny apparel items to showcase his humor?

He might like a “Dad Jokes Served Daily” T-Shirt or the “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad” Apron. The Duct Tape Technician Baseball Cap is a cool choice, too.

What are some witty drinkware options for the punny pop?

For drinkware, try the Dad’s Nutritional Beer Glass or the Buff Dad Bod Pint Glass. There’s also the funny D.I.L.F. Coffee Mug.

What are some laugh-inducing novelties and gag gifts for dad?

Look into the Fart Extinguisher Candle or the Banana Bluetooth Phone for funny gifts. The Scotch-Infused Toothpicks are a unique choice.

What are some hilarious reads and games for quality time with dad?

Try Cards Against Humanity for laughs. ‘The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes’ is also great. Don’t forget the Poetry for Neanderthals Game.

What are some unique and quirky comedic presents for dad?

Consider the Corporate Nonsense Generator or the Basketball Wastebasket. The Laundry Punching Bag is a fun and useful present.

What are some beer and grilling goodies with a funny twist for dad?

He might like the Beer Holster Belt. There’s also the Axe Pizza Cutter. The Superman Apron is a humorous grilling choice.

What are some couch potato goodies for the laid-back laugher dad?

For chilling at home, get him the Dad Tumbler. The Toilet Night Light is funny and useful. Also, the Dad’s Spot Pillow might make him smile.

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