Affordable Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

Stumped on the perfect, yet affordable Mother's Day gift? I've got you covered with creative, budget-friendly ideas that will make mom feel extra special this year.

As a kid, I searched the dollar store for gifts for Mom. My pockets held crumpled bills and loose change. I wanted to make my mom smile, and the gifts I picked were small but full of love.

The search for the perfect, cheap gift continues as we grow up. Moms do so much for us, every day. They work hard and love us endlessly. It’s our chance to make them feel special, without spending too much.

Being thoughtful matters more than the price tag. You can find affordable gifts with creativity. From personalized items to sweet treats, there are many inexpensive options for mom. Let’s find unique and cheap gifts. Or try making handmade presents or get something last-minute that’s still special.

Key Takeaways

  • Moms deserve to be celebrated without spending a lot.
  • Being creative helps you find great but cheap gifts.
  • You can pick from items that are personal or sweet.
  • Even if you’re picking something up last-minute, it can still mean a lot.
  • Show your mom how much you care. That’s what really matters.

Thoughtful Gifts Mom Will Love

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day? Don’t worry about the cost. You can find affordable thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts that will show your love.

Scented Soy Wax Candle

A Scented Soy Wax Candle can set a relaxing mood. It costs only $20. It will make her home smell wonderful and give her a peaceful place to escape.

Coffee Glass with Bamboo Lid and Glass Straw

Does your mom love morning coffee? Give her a cool coffee glass. It comes with a bamboo lid and a glass straw. It’s now 15% off, so it’s a good deal for her daily coffee fix.

Pavoi 14K Gold Plated Stackable Ring

For a mom who likes simple jewelry, pick a stackable gold ring for mom. The Pavoi 14K Gold Plated Ring is great. It’s special and fits her style, plus it’s not too expensive.

You can pick a good gift for your mom no matter your budget. These budget-friendly sentimental presents will make her feel loved and special.

Budget-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

What matters most when celebrating Mom is the thought, not the cost. I found affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas online that are great value. These budget gifts for mom will make her feel special without costing too much.

LEGO Cherry Blossoms

Mom will love the LEGO Cherry Blossoms. It’s a fun LEGO building set for adults. With 598 pieces, she can build a blossom tree with pink flowers in a black vase. This set is only $39.99, a perfect mix of crafting and gardening fun.

Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk To Go Mini Styling Set

This travel curly hair product set is great for the curly-haired queen. It includes miniature mousse, gel, and cream for $8.99. This set will keep her curls looking amazing on the move.

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

The Cherry Blossom Hand Cream has a lovely floral scent. It’s a luxury hand cream that deeply nourishes with shea butter. At $12, it’s a small luxury that will relax her with each use.

Personalized Gifts on a Budget

Nothing says love like a personalized Mother’s Day gift. You can show your mom how much you care without spending a lot. Many affordable personalized gifts are available. They let your creativity shine and are also meaningful.

“Mom, I Wrote a Book About You” Guided Journal

Use a guided journal to write a heartfelt message to your mom. The “Mom, I Wrote a Book About You” journal helps you share why your mom is the best. It has prompts for funny stories and sweet memories, making it a special DIY keepsake.

Affordable personalized Mother's Day gifts

“Tell Me Your Life Story, Mom” Guided Journal

Consider a journal that lets your mom tell her story. The “Tell Me Your Life Story, Mom” journal has meaningful prompts. It’s perfect for writing about her past and the lessons she’s learned. This journal will be a special family keepsake.

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Give your mom life story guided prompts for Mother’s Day. It’s more than a journal. It’s a way for her to share her journey with future generations. Best of all, these gifts are both special and affordable.

Affordable gift ideas for mom on Mother’s Day

Looking for gift ideas for mom that are budget-friendly this Mother’s Day? I’ve found great options. These presents are affordable and will make her happy without costing too much.

Self-care is key. She’ll love an eye massager at just $43. It relaxes her eyes after a long day. A snack care package, filled with treats for $40, will also delight her.

affordable Mother's Day gift ideas

Is coffee her thing? Get her a coffee mug warmer for $35. It keeps her coffee warm. Or spoil her with a fancy hair brush for $37, making her feel like a queen.

Moms deserve the best. These affordable gifts show your love without spending too much.

For chill days at home, a pair of cushioned feather cloud slides for $25 is perfect. It’s like walking on clouds. Every mom would love a bronze family tree picture frame ($30) for her photos.

Eye massager$43
Snack care package$40
Coffee mug warmer$35
Hair brush$37
Cushioned feather cloud slides$25
Bronze family tree picture frame$30
Glass skin discovery kit$39
Long-sleeve button-down pajama set$45
8-piece garden tools set$44

If she loves skincare, get her a glass skin discovery kit for $39. It introduces her to new K-beauty trends. Or, choose a comfy long-sleeve button-down pajama set ($45). It will make her feel royal in pajamas.

  • Eye massager ($43): Pure relaxation at its finest.
  • Snack care package ($40): A gourmet indulgence she deserves.
  • Coffee mug warmer ($35): Ensuring every sip is piping hot.
  • Hair brush ($37): Taming tresses with luxury.
  • Cushioned feather cloud slides ($25): Walking on clouds has never felt so good.

For someone with a green thumb, an 8-piece garden tools set ($44) is ideal. There are many great gift options. You’ll find something special to celebrate Mother’s Day.

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re a crafty mama’s boy or girl, you know heartfelt gifts are the best. Save money and make inexpensive DIY Mother’s Day presents. These will make Mom happy. For a mom who loves to garden, give her a budget-friendly gardening kit. With it, she can grow your own flowers.

Back to the Roots Organic Sunflower Grow Kit

This organic sunflower grow kit from Back to the Roots is full of sunshine. It has all she needs to make sunflowers bloom. Just add water and set it in the sun.

budget-friendly gardening kit

This gift is great for Mother’s Day. It’s also something fun for Mom and kids to do together. You can have fun and get dirty making it. Then admire the pretty sunflowers as a family.

Kit IncludesBenefits
  • Organic sunflower seeds
  • Sustainable growing medium
  • Biodegradable planting pot
  • Plant nutrition packet
  • Easy for all skill levels
  • Educational for kids
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Lovely home decor

Forget expensive flowers. Make a memory with this DIY Mother’s Day gift. It’s a gift full of sunshine for her.

Creative Cheap Gift Ideas

Want to surprise mom? Try these two inexpensive creative Mother’s Day treats. They’re tasty and budget-friendly.

Deux Not-So-Red Velvet Donuts (Vegan/Gluten-Free)

Start with Deux’s vegan gluten-free treats for mom. Their “Not-So-Red Velvet” donuts taste amazing. They have less sugar but are still very yummy.

Tony’s Chocolonely 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

For a chocoholic mom, get Tony’s Chocolonely dark chocolate. It’s made from good cacao. And it’s a luxury that’s under $30.

inexpensive creative Mother's Day ideas

These inexpensive creative Mother’s Day ideas are both sweet and kind to your savings. Sweet treats make great gifts!

Inexpensive Presents for Mom

Finding the perfect budget Mother’s Day gift ideas can be hard. But here’s some help! I found great affordable kitchen gifts and unique surprises. These are perfect for Mom and don’t cost much. Check out Uncommon Goods. It’s full of fun, unusual gifts.

Uncommon Goods Ode to Home State Dish Towel

Looking for a mix of practical and lovely? Uncommon Goods has home state dish towels. They show off where Mom is from or lives now. With pretty art and a sweet poem about the state. It’s a kind, low-priced choice for her kitchen.

Uncommon Goods Frozen Wine Slushie Mix

Does your mom like frozen treats with a twist? Uncommon Goods has frozen wine drink mixes. With these, she can make fun cold drinks from her wine in minutes. It’s an easy way to brighten her drink time, without spending a lot.

Choose something unique, like the state dish towel. Or maybe the fun wine slushie mix. Either one will make a great, affordable gift for Mother’s Day. Uncommon Goods has many options that Mom will love – and so will your budget.

Delivery ServiceShipping Time
USPS Priority Mail1-3 business days
FedEx Express SaverGifts shipped on May 7 arrive by May 10
FedEx 2DayGifts shipped on May 9 arrive by May 11
UPS Ground1-5 business days

Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts

I’m a child of a mother, and I grasp the deep bond we have. I wish to thank her with special gifts. This Mother’s Day, my collection includes sentimental jewelry and glass blown floral ornaments. They are affordable and full of symbolical meaning. They show the strong tie between a mother and her child.

Old World Garden Glass Blown Sunflower Ornament

For the gardening mom, the Old World Garden Glass Blown Sunflower Ornament is perfect. It’s a meaningful affordable gift. It shows the beauty she grows. This detailed glass blown floral ornament mirrors a sunflower’s brightness and joy. Just like a mother, it brings warmth and positivity.

A Littles & Co ‘First My Mom, Forever My Friend’ Bracelet

Show the strong connection with the A Littles & Co ‘First My Mom, Forever My Friend’ Bracelet. It’s a fine sentimental jewelry piece. The message it holds speaks about your strong bond. It’s affordable and treasured, reminding of your lasting friendship.

Little Words Project Strength Bracelet

For the strong woman in your life, gift the Little Words Project Strength Bracelet. It’s a sentimental jewelry with the word “Strength”. This word encourages her to keep going. It’s an affordable but touching way to honor a mother’s incredible strength.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Procrastinators, this is for you! Finding last-minute Mother’s Day presents that are special is easy. Here are two great gifts you can get quickly. They can be sent right to Mom’s doorstep.

Caroline’s Cakes Cake Bites

Does your mom love sweets? Cake bites shipped quickly from Caroline’s Cakes are just right. These tiny cakes are covered in yummy chocolate. Flavors include lemon, red velvet, and chocolate peanut butter. They are delicious and come gourmet desserts delivered fast.

MasterClass Subscription

If Mom is curious and loves learning, think about a online learning subscription to MasterClass. This pass lets her join lots of lessons from famous teachers. She can learn to cook, garden, write, and more. It’s easy and comes straight to her computer. This gift is perfect to make her happy at home.


Finding a gift for mom can be easy and cheap. You don’t need a lot of money. Think of something she loves or needs. This could be a nice journal, some gardening tools, or even a sweet treat. These gifts show you care and make her happy on Mother’s Day.

There are many low-cost gifts that mom will love. For example, you could choose a $60 cookware set or $76 stoneware mugs. A Fitbit for $77 is great for moms who like to stay active.

It doesn’t matter if you plan for a long time or just find something quickly. The best gifts are those that fit your mom’s style. Use your imagination to pick something special. This shows how much you love and appreciate her. And that’s what really counts.


What are some affordable yet thoughtful gifts for mom on Mother’s Day?

Scented soy wax candles and stylish mugs are great picks. You could also get stackable rings, LEGO sets, or hair product sets. Luxurious hand creams, personalized journals, or gardening kits are nice too.Vegan and gluten-free treats, gourmet chocolate, and sentimental jewelry are thoughtful. Tip: look for friendship bracelets or glass ornaments.

Where can I find inexpensive yet unique Mother’s Day gifts?

Uncommon Goods is perfect for unique gifts. They have poetic dish towels and wine slushie mixes. Look for DIY kits or personalized items for a special, affordable present.

What are some last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas I can have delivered quickly?

For quick delivery, gourmet cake bites or an online learning subscription work well. A MasterClass membership lets mom learn right away. These are thoughtful options that don’t need long shipping times.

How can I make a personalized gift for mom on a budget?

Opt for guided journals, like “Mom, I Wrote a Book About You”. Another good one is “Tell Me Your Life Story, Mom”. They help you make a precious keepsake for not much money. Just write about your love or share her memories using the prompts.

What are some DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas?

An organic sunflower grow kit is a great pick. It’s budget-friendly, and mom will love nurturing and seeing the blooms. Or, make a coupon book with offers to help her out. You could offer to cook her favorite meal or take on some chores.

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